Tuesday, July 16, 2013

UK: New Mothers Awaiting to Find Royal Baby's Name

There's a whole new generation of babies just hoping Kate Middleton delivers any minute now - and for good reason, too! According to (a U.K. discounted shopping website), new U.K moms are actually willing to leave their newborns unnamed until Kate and Prince William deliver (and name) their own little he (or she). 

While the world waits with bated breath, the U.K. company surveyed 400 new mothers and found that more than 10 percent have put off naming their children until Clarence House announces the much-anticipated name of the royal baby. Luckily, laws in the U.K allow mothers to leave their children nameless for up to six weeks postpartum - which is a hell of a long time to wait before donning your own royal kid with a moniker (isn't it?). 

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Here's why mums in England are willing to wait before deciding on a name: 

"My husband and I have decided to wait to see what the royal baby is called before naming ours," one survey participant said. "We have thought of quite a few names but we both decided it would be lovely to see what Will and Kate choose first. I love the name Alexandra so if we have a girl then it may well be the most straight-forward decision we have to make." 

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