Monday, January 10, 2011

Lady Brabourne Receives The Queen's Support

Royals rally round Lady Brabourne after husband abandons her for life in Bahamas with widow of baronet

When Penny Brabourne is seen in the company of a member of the Royal Family, it is usually Prince Philip who is by her side.

The closeness of their friendship has dated back more than 15 years, in which time she has become the nearest thing Philip has to a female confidante.

She is, after all, his regular ­carriage-driving companion, and the two used to compete together in four-in-hand championships all over the country.

But yesterday Lady Brabourne was in the company of the Queen as she shared a back seat with Her Majesty to attend divine ­service at the parish church at ­Sandringham, where Penny, 57, has been staying for the weekend.

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