Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Wedding Programme Released

Royal Wedding update: Official programme, including Order of Service, available online

28th April 2011

The Official Programme for the wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton is now available for the public to download for free.

The Official Programme includes the full Order of Service (as used by guests in Westminster Abbey), a personal message of thanks from Prince William and Miss Middleton, and a photo of the Couple taken by photographer Mario Testino at the time of the Couple’s engagement.  The Official Programme features Prince William’s recently updated Coat of Arms on the front cover and Catherine Middleton’s new Coat of Arms on the back cover.

The Order of Service includes full details about the processions, music, hymns, prayers and readings.  The Wedding Service follows the Book of Common Prayer (Alternative Services: Series One).  There will be one Lesson during the service, which the Couple have asked James Middleton to read.


  1. It seems to me this indicates William won't be given a dukedom before the wedding after all.

  2. Will that mean Kate will be referred to as HRH Princess William of Wales?