Monday, April 25, 2011

Catherine, a Modern Bride, "Will NOT Obey!"

 In Friday's "Good Morning America" royal wedding roundup, we learn that Queen Elizabeth II has officially given her permission for Prince William and Catherine to marry -- just in time for the nuptials which are now one week away. Wills and Kate apparently discussed public scrutiny and how it will impact their marriage with the Archbishop of Canterbury, then there's the requisite discussion of Kate's weight and a revelation that Issa designer Daniella Helayel scored an invitation to the ceremony (cue a new round of speculation that she's The Dress Designer).

Perhaps most interestingly, Nick Watt reports that Kate will "love," "honor" and "keep" her husband in her vows, however she will not "obey," breaking with tradition. Diana also decided not to use the "o" word at her 1981 wedding, but subsequent royal wives including Sarah Ferguson and Sophie Rhys-Jones reverted to the classic parlance, the Daily Mail points out.

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