Friday, April 8, 2011

A Royal Marathoner

I have only ever participated in one full marathon. This was the Athens Classic Marathon on 31st October 2010. A few weeks before the Athens Marathon I participated in a half marathon in Henley, UK.

Based on his experience on 42.195 km track in Greece, he would never recommend this race to beginners.

I ran the Athens Marathon in 4 hours and 39 minutes. I was hoping to run it much faster but I was not prepared for how difficult it was! The Athens marathon is challenging course as a lot of it is uphill, and it was hot. I was so happy, and lucky, that I finished. I would not recommend the Athens Marathon for any first time marathon runners. I ran the Henley Half Marathon in 1:48, I was happy with that result. One day I will run a full marathon in 3:30!  The older of twin brothers said.

Athletics is not the only sport that Prince is practising. 

I do enjoy many other sports. I love snowboarding, surfing, swimming and tennis. I also love playing pool, though I don’t know if you can call it a sport.  

The Prince reveals how often does he work out and describing his trainings?

I regularly workout, maybe three or four times a week. I vary my training routines as much as possible. I do lots of free weights, core exercises, cardio, interval training and more. I like to keep my body guessing, I find this strategy very effective and efficient.

What are you expectations for the 24th Belgrade Marathon and how do you will to run on the streets of Belgrade?

I just hope I will get through the course! But I am very much looking forward to running through the streets of Belgrade with our citizens and friends from all around the world. I would like to wish everyone participating the very best of luck, concluded Prince Philip, probably the only Royal participant who will run 21.1 km track on April 17.

HRH Crown Princess Katherine, HRH Prince Philip, Ms Lucy Attwood (Prince Philip's girlfriend)
and HRH Crown Prince Alexander

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